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A Fresh Take on Frozen

All forms of vegetables (frozen, canned and fresh) provide important nutrients for a healthy diet. Learn how frozen vegetables can provide Giant benefits for you and your family!


Our product is Picked at the Peak of Perfection® and flash-frozen after harvesting. The nutritional value and flavour are preserved by freezing. This locks in the valuable vitamins and minerals that can be decreased in fresh produce over time as it makes its way to stores and waits to be purchased.

Minimize food waste:
Fresh produce is often thrown away as it can spoil quickly. Some frozen vegetables (like our Green Giant Valley Selections) come in resealable packaging allowing for portion control and longer storage without waste. Make just what you need and safely store the rest!

We understand that today’s families lead busy lives, so keeping vegetables on hand in the freezer make them available and ready-to-use for all meal occasions. Plus, our microwaveable vegetables provide added convenience as a fast and easy way to cook them right in the package!


Fresh produce may range in price depending on its seasonality. Our product is harvested during the peak season of the vegetable, a season that may only last a few weeks. This allows you to eat your favourite vegetable all-year round with the same great taste without spending more if it is out of season.

Benefits of Canned Vegetables​

Canned vegetables are a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to add more veggies into your diet. Green Giant canned vegetables are Picked at the Peak of Perfection® and packed to seal in freshness, quality, nutrition, and taste.


Canned vegetables are nutritionally similar to both fresh and frozen. Fresh product loses nutrients over time as it is transported to the store and waits to be purchased and then consumed. In addition, the container shields the vegetables from environmental factors while sealing in nutrition and great taste. Many of our canned vegetables are also available in low-sodium options. Draining and rinsing canned vegetables with water can reduce the amount of sodium as well.


A can of Green Giant vegetables in your pantry is a quick and easy way to add flavour, variety and nutrients to your meals.

Cost effective:

Canned vegetables are an affordable way to add vegetables to you and your family’s diets.

Environmentally friendly/Sustainability:

Cans can help reduce food waste since fresh vegetables can spoil quickly and must then be thrown away. According to the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, more steel is recycled annually than paper, aluminum and glass combined in Canada!