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How We Grow Our Farm Fresh Corn

Green Giant* works hard to make it easy for you to be good to yourself.

Have you ever wondered what goes into getting sweet corn from the fields into your freezer? At Green Giant*, we take pride in the process that allows you to have field-fresh vegetables on your table throughout the year.
Our farming experts use decades of experience and research to ensure we harvest the best vegetables at the best time, lock in their goodness, and get them to you as quickly as possible.


Nothing beats vegetables right from the field. That’s when their taste, texture, colour, and nutritional value are as good as they get. The more time the vegetable takes to get from the field to the freezer and your table, the more nutrients it will lose. This is because light, heat, and time can sap some of a vegetable’s nutrients.
We harvest our corn around the clock when it’s ripe to make sure we pick it at just the right time. We move fast to lock in the sweet corn’s natural nutrients and flavour. The same day it’s harvested, we haul our sweet corn by truck to our plants.


Once the corn reaches our plants, it is husked and the kernels are sawed off the cob. Then, the corn is washed to remove dirt and any bacteria. The corn then goes through a quick heat treatment to deactivate enzymes that would otherwise break down the corn over time. This process preserves the corn’s quality.
Next, we quickly cool the corn with chilled water and dry it to keep the kernels from clumping together in the packaging. Quality control ensures that only the finest kernels make it to the package.


After the corn is heated and cooled, we freeze the corn and place it into cold storage. It is then packaged and shipped to retailers. The whole freezing process is like stopping the natural clocks of the corn, so the kernels lose less of the fresh-picked goodness that’s present the moment they are picked.
Several research studies show that freezing vegetables “locks in” important vitamins and stops the nutrient loss that can occur in fresh vegetables over time. Our farmers take great pride in growing the tastiest and highest quality vegetables for you.